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Yes, there are goosebump-y moments in all of the original films, but imagine watching one of these creatures skitter into an Imperial walker and just think about what those creatures would have done when they got inside!

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Lucas was more concerned with toy sales than narrative efficiency or inventiveness, so the original Endorians were replaced by Ewoks. And the rest is adorable history. Popular on Indiewire. Can you imagine that?

By that time there were really big toy sales and that was a reason. I thought he should have died in the last one. We were also able to see the very cool tie-in to the opening of Revenge of the Sith play out over Animation. Clocking in at 8, the Clone Wars series is where the story should have ended. Far be it from Lucasfilm to let a good thing lie. Opening Crawl: The Star Wars franchise continues to thrive, even within the restrictions of network television. Having defeated the Gorax in the successful, Emmy-nominated TV movie Caravan of Courage , the Towani family has repaired their ship and is making preparations to leave Endor — and their time with the Ewoks — behind.

But a new enemy may interrupt their plans…. He was reportedly a terror off-screen two, clashing so much with directors Jim and Ken Wheat that his scenes had to be handled by Joe Johnston. Jeremitt now played by Paul Gleason for a whole two minutes almost manages to fix it before getting gunned down by the marauders. At least Lucas threw some money at the makeup for their leader, Terak.

May the Force Be With You: Out of all the Ewoks properties, Endor takes the magic most literally, especially with Charal, who has the ability to transmogrify into a crow. Now that I think about it, the whole ordeal seems to draw more from Lord of the Rings than Star Wars. Which brings us to…. Strangest Marketing Tie-In: They really did put the most random assortment of characters on the original incarnation of Star Tours. And what the hell are Teek and Kaink doing there anyway?

According to Lucas, he included the character because he had just read watched Heidi with his daughter and wanted the Ewok film to feature an orphan girl forced to live with a crotchety old bastard in the wilderness. But man is it a hoot to watch.

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There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere. The Republic Attack Cruiser, which would later morph into the latter, is an especially inspired design. What a strange creature for Lucas to just drop into the final and most important film of the prequel trilogy.

5 Things You May Not Know About 'Return Of The Jedi' & How It Could Have Been Much Cooler

Those three assholes who accompany Windu to arrest him? Combine his love of money with the aforementioned acid dream and you get a character like General Grievous, whose four lightsabers and robotic body makeup probably made the executives at LEGO piss their Danish britches in delight. This grape-flavored beverage was the perfect refreshment to sip after a long day of hitting the slopes or murdering Jedi younglings.

He has more iconic lines here than anyone else does in the rest of the trilogy combined. Opening Crawl: Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Naboo. While the Congress of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict….

The entire planet is one giant city. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan liberally utilize the Jedi mind trick to fool people into doing their bidding and use Force pushes and jumps to flit about like Superman on a trampoline, using their gifts to mow down armies of PG-friendly robots. The question remains, though: How did he keep from cutting himself in half with that thing, much less wait for Obi-Wan to do it?

Among this line was the Beautiful Braids Padme, complete with long-flowing locks and wide-toothed comb to let you dress her hair however you like! That being said, Episode I has a straightforwardness to its narrative that makes it a bit more self-contained than the other two prequels, which took the criticisms of Episode I in the wrong direction by making them too circle-jerky and overly concerned with continuity. Sure, we got a lot less Jar Jar, which is always a good thing, but the universe became a lot larger as a result of all the Jango Fetts and Bail Organas.

The podrace and Darth Maul fights are still big and entertaining without the bloat of Episodes II and III , and the design of the Naboo and Trade Federation ships are just different enough to be interesting. The comparative novelty of Episode I , Jar Jar aside, helps make it a little more digestible as a result. As the battle between the Republic and its foes continues to burn, Chancellor Palpatine assembles a team devoted to building an unstoppable superweapon.

Erso and his wife, realizing his gifts could be used for dark purposes, flee with their daughter Jyn to a remote location. Life seems peaceful, but one day, a ship appears on the horizon…. Still, the coolest ship in the film is a familiar one: the Death Star, which somehow proves more menacing here than in any other film.

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That would make Rogue One the second-biggest December opening of all time. The No. One particularly stunning shot focuses on an enormous statue of a lightsaber-wielding hooded figure, toppled to the ground and nearly obscured with desert sands. The Force, however, still proves a potent, erm, force. Pretty cool. Rogue One: Scarif gives games a chance to play as Jyn or Director Krennic and tear through the battles on the planet Scarif.

Feverishly continuing to work to help Jyn and Cassian, even as he battles a seemingly endless stream of Storm Troopers, K-2SO literally takes a licking and keeps on ticking. For all the talk of this film being the first of several standalone entries in the franchise, it sure goes out of its way to make it really, really clear how it connects to A New Hope and the rest of the Star Wars universe in general.

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That includes an incredibly awkward final 10 minutes, which feel both completely unnecessary and belatedly tacked on. The harder Rogue One tries to assert itself as part of the club, the less essential it feels — particularly when the CGI-ed humans pop up. Not the CGI people, though. Imperial Inquisitors have been dispatched by Lord Vader to hunt any remaining force-wielders. Rebel cells are emerging in an attempt to preserve justice at a local level. Kanan decides to take young Ezra Bridger, a boy he senses is strong with the force, under his protection. With the help of some familiar friends, the crew of The Ghost inspire local systems, along with other rebel cells, to forge an alliance across the galaxy.

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The Ghost is able to go undetected by imperial sensors, hence the name. Honorable mention: the creatures outside Chopper Base including legions of gross spider-things and the mysterious, force-sensitive creature Bendu, voiced by Tom Baker. Regardless of the numbers game, the ever-evolving series has more than endeared itself to fans and to many has become a downright essential component of the Star Wars universe. Lightsaber Options: Kanan sports a blue lightsaber that he wears in two pieces that have to be assembled, as to not draw attention from the Empire.

Rebels succeeds in telling new stories while incorporating old themes, both literal and metaphorical. Is there a problem with this sitting at number five on our list? Once the Falcon starts up, however, Rey takes it for a spin while Finn gets a second chance behind the iconic turrets, which still have all the same software from The thing itself looks as if a rhinoceros mated with a trash compactor. Abrams was working with behind-the-scenes for The Force Awakens.

Which, after six films, is next to impossible for any fan to do. Lightsaber Options: Kylo Ren has a cool custom-designed red saber, which sparked all sorts of annoying and endless debating last November when the teaser initially dropped. Why do they come with unnecessary armor gear? What is this? Pair this droid with your smartphone, find a nearby dog, and, voila, hilarity ensues.

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Even better, Sphero is constantly updating the app to include newer features to keep this from becoming a fancy paperweight. The problem?


Hendrickson, Emily - My Lady Faire Friend Reviews. Community Reviews. Star Wars Rebels Magazine. Poor Dumbo is different so people tease him. Moli marked it as to-read Mar 11, Dixon, Franklin W.

This recent expansion offers gamers a chance to relive the post-Jedi battle and watch as the Star Destroyers sink to the ground. So, there. To be fair, this makes more sense at least visually than those Vader Apples. We just got him back! Director J. Opening Crawl: Picking up right where The Force Awakens left off, the First Order is running roughshod over the galaxy, with Supreme Leader Snoke bleeding away resistance forces more and more with every outmatched battle. Even the Rebel victories are starting to turn into costly losing efforts, and so Rey sets out for uncharted territory to find the kind of voice that could give a struggling army the hope it desperately needs: Luke Skywalker.

Especially when Dern gets to put that roguish Poe Dameron in his place. Perhaps most boldly, the film even interrogates the idea of the Jedi as a Force-based religion and how the Force may well be bigger than any one discipline or practice. Are there Men in Black -type worlds inside every BB-8? Is that why Thom Yorke was so deeply intrigued? We have questions.

Strangest Marketing Tie-In: Every studio movie of this present era has some odd advertising choices, but somehow Verizon placing itself at the vanguard of a futuristic era by shilling discount phone plans using droids on opposite sides of a fascist war may be the most pronounced. In one of the most creative uses of series logic imaginable, she makes a daring attempt to destabilize the Dreadnought, which Rian Johnson captures with one of the most visually striking moments in any Star Wars movie to date.

Ridley and Hamill are exceptional in their scenes together, particularly the latter, as he makes like Harrison Ford in The Force Awakens and brings a lasting sense of gravitas to his aged hero. But this is also a multi-nine figure movie about the perils of hubris, the value of love, and the indomitable right of every species to know freedom in its time. While the Empire attempts to bring vicious order to the galaxy, crime syndicates compete for resources, including coaxium, the fuel that powers hyperdrives.

In the meantime, a young Corellian scrapper named Han Solo spends his days thieving for the foul Lady Proxima.