Witch Week (Chrestomanci, Book 3)

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Ionicus [1]. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Reader reviewed by Tina. If things continue to go wrong, the Inquisitor will come and put an end to it and whoever is behind the witchcraft. Someone in the class is a witch. This section needs expansion.

To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. Anthony Head 1. Mixed Magics: Four Tales of This launches an internal investigation of the more unpopular students at the school Nan Pilgrim and Charles Morgan , who are gradually coming to terms with the fact that they are witches. Mayhem gradually ensues as magic is used to make birds appear in the classroom, to rain shoes, to curse a classmate into having his words always be true, and other pranks.

Witch Week (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 3)

When the magic gets totally out of control, one of the students runs away, leaving notes that blame the witch for controlling him. The headmistress of the school calls in an Inquisitor to find the missing student and locate the source of the trouble. Four more of the students flee the school and two seek help from an "underground railroad" system that is known to save witches by sending them to a world where they are not persecuted.

Instead they are given a spell to summon unknown help and all five students converge where they are able to use it, summoning the enchanter Chrestomanci. He and the children conclude that their world diverged from 12B ours by a particular historical accident.

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They work to outwit the local inquisition and to merge their history, thus their world, with ours. It turns out that most of the schoolchildren are witches and all must lose any such powers by revising history in that way. One of the major themes in the story is overcoming prejudice.

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Like many other books by Jones, Witch Week encourages readers to think for themselves and seek to make a positive change in the world. In almost every version of the book published, the class the story focuses on has a different name, according to the age group the publishers were aiming the book at the time. For instance:. He wrote concerning Witch Week :.

Thus it is that underneath what seems to be rather low comedy—brooms that demand to be taken riding by witches and hoes and rakes and mops that can be ridden, but behave more like mules and pigs than noble steeds ; prankster spells at about the level of magic spitwads—there is a continuous foundation of truth. Children need powerful adult intervention to help them get control of their powers and keep their powers from taking control of them.

Instead of using them for immediate self-gratification, the children instead have to create and respect certain limits to avoid destroying themselves and others. Not that anyone ever says such a thing outright.

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Rather the stories are that lesson, learned over and over again, yet with such humor and extravagant imagination and devastating satire that few readers will imagine that they are being civilised as they read.